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You'll never see history the same way again...

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About the author...

Scott Edwin Williams

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Scott Edwin Williams is an optimistic smartass, writer, humorist, and history nerd. His fascination with humanity’s lightbulb moments began as a child while watching the first moon landing. The rest is… history.

Scott is currently working on the third book in the Lightbulb Moments in Human History series, From Revolution to Evolution


What People are saying:

Dr Karl

"Here’s your chance to learn and enjoy Big History in a slightly 'deranged' romp."

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, Australian science communicator, author, and populariser

sarah-beth watkins

"...quirky, interesting and fun and makes history accessible to myriad readers."

Sarah-Beth Watkins    Bestselling author of Tudor non-fiction

Scott Edwin Williams' Lightbulb Moments in Human History From Cave to Colosseum is an absorbing exploration of the most intriguing aspects of human development that will delight those readers who enjoy the popular history genre.


“If you want a book that will inspire you by learning about the lightbulb moments of history, I highly encourage you to check out Lightbulb Moments in Human History.”

Talk With History Podcast

how it works cover

Unlike other books that offer up humanity’s achievements in a top-ten fashion, Lightbulb Moments in Human History is written in a continual narrative from the witty and humorous perspective of its author.


As the title suggests, you can expect to discover some of the many milestones that define humankind, from the Neolithic Revolution of early agriculturists to the rise of the Roman Empire. You’ll also explore some of the concepts that shaped human lives, such as religion and misguided medicine.


In keeping with Scott Williams’ humour, which leans towards an adult audience in parts, throughout each chapter are amusing meme-style images to add further levity to the eccentricities of humankind.


Wit aside, this book is expertly written and packed with interesting information and educational insight into the past. Whether you’re a history buff or looking to expand your historical horizons, this book is a great read.

How It Works, October 2022

twitter troll

Random Twitter
Troll says:

Stephen Goldberg

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.  I loved this book. The writing is cute and funny. The book is lively and very well-paced, and once I started, I couldn’t put the book down. Every page held my attention. The cartoons are very funny as are their captions. As a history book, the subject matter was covered very well. As a fan of history, I found this book to be well worth reading. As a fan of humor, I found this book well worth reading.
tales from the greenhills

"... quite brilliant in terms of the depth and fun analysis - this is NOT the history I learned at school - BUT I wish it had been."

Terry Melia
Author of Tales from the Greenhills
Greenhills Chats Podcast:

Scott Edwin Williams takes the Mickey out of the human race’s spectacular flaws, but puts the Superman back into its greatest achievements... Scott’s approach, flavored with scintillating wit, dark humor and spiced with expletives, may not curry favor with the dogmatic, but it is served to the open-minded by an intelligent observer, who manages to evoke empathy and hope for the human spirit (and spirits).
Dr Micki Pistorius, 


[Lightbulb Moments in Human History: From Peasants to Periwigs] is a blessed relief – telling the history, but with a light touch and a comedic twist - for reading this is a genuine pleasure. Williams' prose is so smooth throughout, and his humorous anecdotes well chosen.

Anne Carlini - Exclusive Magazine

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lightbulb moments link to chronos books
A Mayan sacrifice

Lightbulb Moments in Human History is full of 'educational' illustrations...

UFO and pyramid



What's My Age Again?

What's My Age Again is a podcast hosted by CJ and Scott, two friends who are over 50. Each episode covers a different topic related to aging, such as health, relationships, work, and personal growth. 

Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts!

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