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Nine Months of Living Dangerously

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

Sometimes I felt like this, but living dangerously paid off...

I started this year on a low.

A bout of glandular fever, constant rejection of my manuscript from agents, a dose of COVID, and another couple of setbacks had me on the back foot. In an effort to drag myself out of the doldrums, I declared in my journal that this would be my Year of Living Dangerously – I would say ‘yes’ to things I would usually decline.

As a part of this, I gave up on agents and began to submit straight to publishers, and within a month, this strategy paid dividends. John Hunt Publishing accepted my book, and my life was suddenly set on its head. I got involved in the publishing process. I created a website. I went into overdrive on Twitter (@somewhathistory), and began to build my TikTok presence. I started being interviewed on podcasts (one of which turned out to be a scam).

Over the last nine months I’ve designed my own book cover, organized a photoshoot, worked with my amazing editor, Jim Bessey, liaised with famous people trying to get an endorsement (and got one from the wonderful Dr Karl), I started a YouTube channel, I’m working on creating a podcast with my friend C.J., received the first hard copy of my book, and I’ve nearly finished writing my follow-up book.

But none of that would have happened if I hadn’t been living dangerously.

I recommend trying it sometime.


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