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Updated: Oct 29, 2022

As I draft the final chapter of Lightbulb Moments in Human History: Peasants to Periwigs (book two of the series), I reflect on a two-and-a-half year period of my life characterized by frenetic activity.

In the dim, dark years B.C. (Before Covid), I'd written nothing. I didn't even have a concept for a book. Then I hit on the idea of writing an amusing, yet factual, history of education.

About 25,000 words in, I realized that book:

  • had limited marketing and sales potential, and

  • would drive me insane if I wrote it.

Luckily, while I drafted that book, I encountered many of humanity's big ideas, and thought maybe THEY would be a great idea for a book.

And so, here we are.

Book one hasn't even been released yet, and I have no idea how it will be received. I got a great review the other day in the UK's How It Works magazine. I'm quite happy about it, so I'll share it below:

Unlike other books that offer up humanity’s achievements in a top-ten fashion, Lightbulb Moments in Human History is written in a continual narrative from the witty and humorous perspective of its author.

As the title suggests, you can expect to discover some of the many milestones that define humankind, from the Neolithic Revolution of early agriculturists to the rise of the Roman Empire. You’ll also explore some of the concepts that shaped human lives, such as religion and misguided medicine.

In keeping with Scott Williams’ humour, which leans towards an adult audience in parts, throughout each chapter are amusing meme-style images to add further levity to the eccentricities of humankind.

Wit aside, this book is expertly written and packed with interesting information and educational insight into the past. Whether you’re a history buff or looking to expand your historical horizons, this book is a great read.

However, I've had one very negative review, which I won't share here... Let's just say that I hope the bulk of my readers see the book like How It Works does, and not like the reviewer on Netgalley (who thought it was a 'spurious book')!

I've also made some recent gains in creating a mailing list, which is very gratifying after such a hard slog getting anywhere with it. If you're reading this and haven't yet subscribed, please do so via the sign up form you'll find at

Till next time,


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