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May you live in interesting times...

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The month since my last blogpost could hardly have been more consequential in the life of an author...

Lightbulb Moments in Human History: from Cave to Colosseum has been released, and given this is the culmination of a long-held dream, I'm understandably elated.

Added to that, I've seen the proofs of the cover of Book II, Lightbulb Moments in Human History: from Peasants to Periwigs, and am awaiting the page proofs. It's all happening!

As far as sales go on Book 1, it's difficult to say until I get the first full month's sales figures. There are a few encouraging signs, so fingers crossed.

Of course, all this excitement has consequences... I feel like I've been living on my nerves for months. I frequently have to restrain myself from googling myself like a malignant narcissist, looking for new reviews and book mentions. It's a problem!

I'm hoping to get back into writing Book III (Working title: Lightbulb Moments in Human History: from Revolution to Evolution), so hopefully that will take my mind off things.

Till next time!

lightbulb moments book II cover

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